ARION 0.035” PTA Balloon


Your go to option for Treatment of
Peripheral Arterial Stenosis​

Arion PTA Balloon catheter offers effortless crossing through tight peripheral artery legions. A wide range of balloons are available for variety of segments like SFA, Illiac, gastric, subclavian arteries. The balloon is suitable for both Above-the-Knee and Below-the-knee Applications.

  • It can be used effectively for stenosis, vessel preparation or even post-stenting dilatation.​
  • Specially selected balloon material offers superior compliance.​
  • The balloon catheter is available in two shaft lengths – 80 cm and 135 cm for different application area.
  • Balloon Proximal End: Effortless crossing with good support. Hydrophilic coating offers excellent gliding.
  • Balloon Tip: Balloon tip profile of 0.045” offers easy entry.
  • Balloon Shaft: Over the wire construction offers good support with 0.035” guidewire. Hydrophilic coated shaft to provide superior gliding.
  • Balloon: Specially selected polymer offers superior compliance. Available in wide range of diameters (4-10 mm) and lengths (20-100 mm) for various vessel types.


ARION 0.035'' PTA Balloon

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