Flow Diverter

A Precision Marvel with a Distinctive Checkerboard Pattern and Dual-wire Technology.

Experience unrivaled kink resistance and radial force for optimal neurovascular care in critical situations. Proudly made in India, this device redefines excellence in neurovascular intervention, combining cutting-edge technology with Indian ingenuity to set a new patient care benchmark.

  • Innovative Flow Diverter Device: A precision marvel in neurovascular care with a checkerboard pattern and dual-wire technology.
  • Unparalleled kink resistance and radial force for optimal performance in critical situations.
  • First-of-its-kind made in India: Meets global demands in healthcare innovation.
  • Redefining excellence in neurovascular intervention with cutting-edge technology and Indian ingenuity.​
  • Elevate practice with a device surpassing expectations, setting a new benchmark in patient care.​
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